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Product ID 84031-180
7" Cleaver - Rivet, Poly Handle, 1 lb. 14 oz.

Price: US$81.00
Product ID 84032-200
8" Cleaver - Rivet, Poly Handle, 2 lbs.
8" Cleaver - Rivet, Poly Handle, 2 lbs.

Price: US$98.10
Product ID 84033-230
9" Cleaver - Rivet, Poly Handle

Price: US$108.00
Product ID ZI/14-200
8" Chinese Cleaver - 340g

Price: US$49.50
Product ID 94024-150
6" Cleaver

Price: US$67.50

Culinary Glossary

What is a bolster?

It's the raised thick part between the blade and the handle, which usually distinguishes the knife as fully forged.

The bolster acts as a guard providing safety balance, sturdiness, and comfort.

Beware of companies that manufacture knives with an imitation bolster as these knives are invariably cheaper in quality compared against a “one piece fully forged” knife.

Read more glossary terms in our Education Section.

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