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Product ID #T50002.48769
UPC: 7-76847-48769-3

Proofing Basket Rectangular, Orange, 2Lbs - 900g

  • Description

Item #: #T50002.48769

UPC: 7-76847-48769-3

The built in ventilation slits improve the proofing process

Sturdy and food safe, thermohauser proofing baskets are hygienic, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

thermohauser proofing baskets are made of Polypropylene.

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A proofing basket can be used to create both a shape and a pattern/design.

A proofing basket is not used to cook bread in.

Once the bread dough has risen, it must be turned out of the proofing basket and placed onto a baking tray for baking in the oven.

A liner or parchment paper defeats the purpose of the proofing basket; the basket pattern cannot be impressed on the bread dough through the liner.

Seasoning a Proofing Basket:

1.Start with a clean dry basket.

2.In an empty spray bottle, make a mixture of Olive Oil to Water with a ratio of 50:50.

3.Spray the Olive Oil and Water mixture onto the proofing basket. Alternatively use a cooking spray such as PAM®.

4.First Coating: Dust with as much flour as the oil mixture will hold. This first coating should last for a couple of weeks.

5.Excess Flour: Lightly shake the basket to remove any excess flour.

6.Second Coating for Floured Bread: The second coating is applied with each use. If making Floured Bread, combine 1/3 potato flour with 2/3 rye flour and sprinkle into the basket creating a coating.

7.Second Coating for Plain Bread: The second coating is applied before each use. If making Plain Bread, sprinkle potato flour into the basket creating a coating.

8.  Excess Flour: Lightly shake the basket to remove any excess flour.

9.Lightly dust the shaped dough before popping it into the proofing basket to rise.

10. As needed the proofing basket should be cleaned. Wash with hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly; alternately, thermohauser proofing baskets are dishwasher safe.

11. Season again, following the steps above.


Potato flour is available at most bulk food stores. Rye flour is available in most supermarkets.

Price: US$24.90
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