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Product Warranty Registration

1. If purchasing on our website, your warranty is automatically registered.

2. If your purchase was by a different method, register by clicking here.

Warranty Registration

Warranty Information

CCI stands behind its products and guarantees them against defects in the original workmanship and materials. Our commitment does not cover normal wear and tear (including wear and tear of moving components such as wheels, zippers and handles), misuse or neglect of the product, or damage caused by airline mishandling.

As with any product, wear and tear should be expected with use over time, and eventually, items do need to be replaced or repaired. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction; we are happy to provide efficient and gracious repair service at a reasonable cost.

Knives and tools are covered by their respective manufacturer’s guarantees and in most instances this covers product against defects in manufacturing and material. CCI stands behind its products and we will review all warranty claims. It is our goal that the products purchased from CCI are considered quality merchandise and should the product fail to comply with its intended use then we will assist in rectifying any warranty claim to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the products that we supply.

We want you to enjoy many years of precision cutting with Our Superior Culinary Master® knives. Always remember to exercise these safety measures while handling and using knives.

  • You should always cut away from your body and not towards it.
  • If you happen to drop the knife, step back, let it fall to the ground and do not try to catch it.
  • Never fling or throw a knife.
  • When transporting a knife, wrap the knife securely inside a secure box or package. DO NOT transport a knife inside a bag, purse or plastic bag as these knives are sharp and will cut through material.
  • You should never run with your knife and always carry it with the tip of the blade facing down.
  • Knives should always be kept a safe distance away from children.
  • You should maintain the sharpness of your knives as they are safer to use than dull ones. This is because they require less pressure to cut.
  • Knives should only be used for their intended purpose. DO NOT use knives as can openers, screw drivers, box cutters, staple removers, or frozen foods. This can void your warranty.
  • Do not test the sharpness of the knife by running your finger along the edge of the blade.
  • You should only use your knives on a steady, strong, and dry surface such as a cutting board.

Safety Note:
The clear thin plastic sleeve on the knife blade is meant to protect the knife- NOT YOU!

Thank you for being a valued customer.
Canada Cutlery Inc.
Dated: October 2017


Culinary Glossary

What is a bolster?

It's the raised thick part between the blade and the handle, which usually distinguishes the knife as fully forged.

The bolster acts as a guard providing safety balance, sturdiness, and comfort.

Beware of companies that manufacture knives with an imitation bolster as these knives are invariably cheaper in quality compared against a “one piece fully forged” knife.

Read more glossary terms in our Education Section.

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